Stefano Venier, a motorcycle designer and enthusiast, founded Venier Customs in 2012. While based in New York, the company exports custom motorcycles all over the world. Venier has honed his focus on a profound exploration of modern design and traditional aesthetics, the expression of which can be found in a limited offering of custom motorcycles built from vintage and new motorcycles already existing in the market. Only high quality materials, mainly aluminum and carbon fiber, are used in redesigning the aesthetics, components and chassis. The finalization of each motorcycle gives each customer a custom collectible motorcycle numbered and with a certificate of authenticity.

In only a few years Venier has established himself as one of the most acclaimed custom motorcycle designers in the world with publications in more than 20 countries and participation in the most prestigious exhibitions of the US industry and Europe. New projects and exciting collaborations continue to take shape as the company grows and evolves.


In 2015 Venier Motorcycles began a collaboration with fashion designer Veronica Sent in the design and manufacture of a new line of apparel, 100% Made in Italy, using the best materials and products from Italian artisans. Starting with a select set of leather jackets, shirts and T-shirts, all strictly handmade in Italy, Venier's first collection premieres in Fall 2016. The goal is to give the Venier rider a complete aesthetic including a unique ensemble that is designed with the same creative principles as Venier Motorcycles. Each collection will be offered in limited numbers, changing every season and following a specific design harmonizing classical forms with modern and minimal contours and patterns.


Venier Motorcycles is the natural evolution of Venier Customs. Venier Motorcycles transitions from the production of custom limited edition motorcycles using vintage donor bikes to a production that is still in limited series but based on new motorcycles. This allows the collector to have the reliability of a new product and the advantages of cutting edge technology while still featuring the distinctive design and aesthetics of Venier products. Venier Motorcycles is opening new investment slots for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to be further involved in a project that aims to contribute to the history of world motorcycling.