Video by : Gianluca Miotto

Project name : TOMOTO
Donor bike : MOTO GUZZI V7 STONE
Video by :
Editing by Gabriele Vigano’
Reels in London by: John Davison
Reels in Pordenone by: Donatello Trevisiol
Reels in Mandello del Lario by: Gabriele Vigano'
Special thanks to : Caterina Lunghi

Project name : GIAPPONE
Donor bike : KAWASAKI KZ 1000 LTD 1984
Video by : Nikolai and Alex Logaiski
Special thanks to : Brett Seyler

Project name : C2
Video by : Nikolai and Alex Logaiski
Soundtrack by : Riccardo Vojvoda
Special thanks to : Andy Chase

Project name : Tractor 02
Donor bike : Moto Guzzi V7 Stone 2013
Video by : Alex Logaiski

Project name : Diabola V65C
Donor bike : Moto Guzzi V65C 1986
Video by : Donatello Trevisiol

DoP : Michele Baggio
Filming and editing : Michele Baggio
Assistant : Nicola de Prato